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   Amarillo Service Team is a locally owned and operated business. Donathan Gregory is a native Amarilloan. He is a graduate of Tascosa High School and a continuing learner at Amarillo College. In his spare time, he enjoys dirt biking at the river, spending time outdoors, and being a part of various community events.

Donathan grew up cleaning carpets with his dad. The experience he gained from working with his father helped him to become an expert in the field. His expertise led him to recognize a need for a diverse contracting company not only in Amarillo, but in other areas as well. Amarillo Service Team works with families to make small improvements to increase the comfort, efficiency, and value of their homes. In addition to quality carpet cleaning and water restoration damage repairs, Amarillo Service Team can also design landscaping, pour concrete slabs, build a new patio, or put up a new fence. Work completed by Amarillo Service Team is not paid for until the job is completed. Donathan is out to change people’s opinions of contractors by completing work of the highest quality. One improvement that can be costly for families is fencing. Amarillo Service Team offers financing for fencing. Families can improve their property and keep it safe in an affordable way.

Ultimately, Donathan and Amarillo Service Team wants to get families back into their homes after hurricanes and other water disasters. Amarillo Service Team holds the certifications to help families rebuild and repair their homes after extreme water events. In these situations, work can often be pieced out to a variety of companies. Families cannot get work completed quickly and they have to wait for each company to complete the next part. Amarillo Service Team can do more than one job well. As a result, recovery jobs can be completed more quickly, allowing families to get back into their homes much faster. In fact, Amarillo Service Team worked with recovery efforts after Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Florence in North Carolina. One goal Donathan looks forward to accomplishing is being approved for a government partnership to aid recovery efforts requiring water restoration experts.

The vision Donathan Gregory holds for Amarillo Service Team is one of community service and customer satisfaction. Sustaining the Amarillo economy and providing jobs draws more businesses and companies to the city. Working with disaster recovery and becoming a government partner opens the door for national recognition of Amarillo and other local businesses. By employing dedicated, honest, and hardworking people, Donathan promotes his values through his business. Trusted employees are family oriented and honest, much like their supervisor and founder. For contracted work, Amarillo Service Team believes in using materials that ensure the work will be a lasting improvement for each client. Using quality materials leads to long lasting results and satisfied customers. In addition, Amarillo Service Team gives back to the city in a variety of ways. From participating with the Inner City Health Fair to donating Christmas gifts to children in need, Amarillo Service Team builds Amarillo into a better home for everyone.


4444 S Bowie
Suite B, Amarillo, TX, 79109 


Phone:  (806) 414-5285