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Carpet Cleaning Services in Amarillo

   When it comes to carpet cleaning, Amarillo Service Team offers premium service. In fact, our carpet cleaning service sets us far above the competition. We offer an Official Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, known as IICRC. When you choose Amarillo Service Team to clean in your home, you are leading the pack. You are choosing the best service for your home. In addition to carpet cleaning services, we also provide rug cleaning, furniture and upholstery cleaning, and tile and grout cleaning. Amarillo Service Team will leave your residential or commercial property looking cleaner and healthier than before.

    Before we begin cleaning your carpet, the treated area is measured. The measurements allow us to mix the cleaning solutions properly. You are receiving the right amount of cleaning agent for the area. Customizing the cleaning solutions means you are getting exactly what you need. Amarillo Service Team loves to help each client get the cleanest carpets possible. After measuring and mixing cleaning solutions, we help clients move items off the floor. The more open area there is, the biggest cleaning bang for each dollar spent. We can move coffee tables, night stands, small rugs, and anything that is manageable. Closet areas are free with purchased service. 

    Once the floor is cleared and the chemical has been made, it is time to start cleaning. Amarillo Service Team is made of professional technicians. These technicians spray the carpet. The cleaning chemicals are sprayed onto the carpets. Heavy stains and soiled areas are sprayed first so they can begin to break down the hardest dirt. When the cleaning agent becomes active, cleaning will begin. 

    Amarillo Service Team offers two types of steam cleaning. Our first choice is for those with light walkways and low visitor traffic. It is a basic 210*F temperature of steaming hot water. The water rinses the fibers in the carpet with cleaner and hot water. The second choice is a carpet fiber scrub. A fiber scrub is a buffer with a carpet brush. The carpet brush scrubs the carpet offering a guaranteed best result. A fiber scrub works best for heavy traffic areas in the home or commercial property. 

    Sometimes the condition of the floor requires or causes more water than usual. When this happens, we go over the carpet many times to ensure the best possible clean. In addition to our certified carpet cleaning chemicals, Amarillo Service Team has a spotter. The spotter doubles up on the tough spots to get rid of the stains and spots that don’t want to come out. 

    After cleaning your room, we offer a dry vacuum. This process helps suck even more water from the carpets. Less water will allow for faster drying. We also vacuum around the edges of furniture, beds, and baseboards. We want your area to be as clean as possible. Before we leave any room, all furniture is blocked and tabbed. Blocking and tabbing prevents wood and furniture dyes from bleeding into the carpet. It is this type of professional service that sets Amarillo Service Team apart. You get the best clean and damage prevention possible. 

    Finally we will rake your carpet, leaving it looking like it has never been walked on. We will turn on fans and lights to help the drying process. When we leave, we shut your doors on carpeting perfection. Amarillo Service Team can bring new life to your carpets and freshen your entire room with our state of the art carpet cleaning services.  


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