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Concrete Services in Amarillo

   Concrete may seem simple, but using concrete for a project requires a wide range of decisions. Amarillo Service Team is here to help you through every step of your concrete project.

Concrete is one of the strongest and longest lasting features you can add to your home. It is a functional feature that can enhance your home. When considering a concrete project, you will need to consider the look you want, the size of your project, and what application will be most effective.

Looking around your property, there are many places where the functionality of concrete is utilized. Driveways, patios, walkways, retaining walls, and pool decks are just a few functional concrete projects that enhance your home. Each of these projects differ in size and purpose. Once you determine what your project is going to be, you have to consider the concrete strength needed to serve your purpose.

Concrete slabs poured at different thicknesses are reinforced in different ways. Most slabs begin at four inches thick. This is the standard thickness for patios, small pads, and walkways. Four inch slabs are reinforced with wire on the inside to prevent cracks and internal breaks. The reinforcement wire is a grid laid down after the setting sand but before pouring the concrete. During the pour, the wire is lifted to the midpoint of the slab. For example, in a four inch slab, the wire is placed at two inches to ensure that it is not visible at the top or bottom of the slab. For thicker and stronger pads, the level of reinforcement must increase. Driveways are normally poured at five or six inches. This thickness makes a strong surface for parking vehicles from cars and trucks to recreational vehicles. These thicker pads are reinforced using rebar. Rebar is available in a variety of sizes, but the most common is half inch or ⅝ inch. Which you use is determined by the level of strength desired in your slab. Rebar is placed much like wire reinforcement. It is placed in the center of the slab as it is poured.

Another concrete project that enhances your home is a retaining wall. Retaining walls can be used to separate property. The entire wall can be poured, or you can pour a small retaining wall with posts set in. The posts allow a fence to be built on top of the retaining wall. Retaining walls are also great to enhance your landscaping or gardening.

Once you have selected your project, you must decide how to get the best match to your home. You may choose to stain or stamp the concrete. Staining concrete allows a wide range of color options. When considering stain, it works best to mix the stain chemical into the concrete for a consistent color. If the concrete were to break or crack, the layers will have the same color, reducing the visibility of the future flaw. The most popular stain colors are brown, red, white, and black. Any color is possible. The other option allows you to choose a pattern. A flat slab is possible, but stamping upgrades your look and adds more appeal to your home. Stamping is popular for walkways, patios, and pool decks. Stone stamping gives the concrete a natural look. Brick stamping adds an old-fashioned look. Square stone stamping is available in a variety of sizes. Stone stamping offers a cleaner, modern look.

Choosing concrete projects for the exterior or interior of your home can not only change the look of your home, but also enhance the value of your property. Don’t get bogged down trying to decide alone. Let the professionals with Amarillo Service Team help.


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