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Fencing Services in Amarillo

    When it comes to fencing, the most difficult problem you face may be choosing what you want. Each type of fence has advantages and disadvantages. You have to choose what works best for your home and your needs.

    There are three basic types of fencing: wood fences, chain link fences, and metal fences. Wood fences provide privacy from their height. They also add another layer of security to your home. However, wood deteriorates quickly and, even with stain, does not last as long as some other options. Chain link fences provide a longer-lasting solution. A key disadvantage of chain link is the lack of privacy it offers. However, chain link fence poles are set into concrete. Concrete settings increase the life of the fence and protect against wind and other forces of nature.

    Once you have decided what type of fence you want, the next thing to consider is style. For wooden fences, there are four styles to consider:

    1. The first style of wooden fence is gothic. Gothic style fences are pointed. This type of fence is very common and popular the Amarillo area. A gothic style fence offers privacy and an added layer of security from the points. The pickets used to build a gothic style fence are naturally wet from the mill. This means they are swollen. They are nailed right next to each other during the build. As the wood dries and releases the water, the pickets shrink. The shrinking creates gaps between the pickets.

    2. Dog ear fences are increasing in popularity. They offer a more elegant, updated look and pair well with cedar wood. Dog ear fences offer a wider picket choice (six inches as well as the standard 3.5 or four inches). The wider pickets improve the basic look and style of the fence. Again, naturally wet wood dries, shrinks, and leaves a gap.

    3. Luxurious decorative cap is the third wooden fence style option. Decorative cap fencing looks much like horizontal pickets created from four inch pieces of wood. A standard 2X4 board is on top which raises the total height of the fence. As with the previous wooden fencing styles, wet, swollen wood is dried by the sun and leaves gaps.

    4. The most luxurious wooden fencing option is the overlap fence. It can also be called a board on board fence. Six inch pickets are alternated with four inch pickets, creating a special pattern. This pattern offers complete privacy. There are no gaps in the fencing as wood dries and shrinks.

    There are a few more items to consider when making decisions regarding wooden fencing. Support poles for a wood fence can be either metal or wood. Height is also a consideration. Wood fences can be six, seven, or eight feet tall. The taller the fence, the more privacy it offers.

    If you are looking for a type of fence with more lasting power, a chain link fence could be the best choice. Chain link fences are built for their convenience and their ability to outlast other types of fencing. Built entirely of metal and coated with special non-eroding zinc, chain link fences can last a very long time. In addition, all poles installed with a chain link fence are set into concrete. The setting increases the life of the fence by protecting against wind and other natural forces. This type of fence is not thought of as a privacy fence. However, some accessories and height can increase the privacy of a chain link fence. There are two styles of chain link fences, GBW and GAW.

    GBW means Galvanized Before Weaving. This means the protective zinc coating is applied before the wire is woven together. During the weaving process, the zinc is scratched off. The scratches then allow erosion and rust to attack the metal joints where the wire was bent. This option is less expensive, but also decreases the life of the fence.

    GAW means Galvanized After Weaving. The entire fence is woven together, and the zinc coating is then applied. This process ensures that the coating stays strong and does not wear off. GAW fencing is more costly than GBW.

    Poles for chain link fence are metal. They range in height from four feet to six feet for most residential fences. To add more security to a chain link fence, barbed wire or razor ribbon can be built on top.

    The final type of fencing to consider is a corrugated metal fence. This type of fence is built for high levels of privacy and longevity. Corrugated fencing is the sturdiest type of fence. The joints and rails are welded to each other. This creates a strong, long lasting bond. After welding, the metal sheets are screwed to the fence frame. All poles for the frame are set into concrete which increases the life of the fence and protects it from wind and natural events.


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