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Gate Building Services in Amarillo

    When you add fencing, you also must consider gates. There are four things to consider when choosing a gate that will outlast your fence.

    Begin by deciding what kind of gate you actually want. A basic hinge gate is screwed into the wooden 2X4 boards. Basic wood mounted gates are often unreliable and temporary. The screws can loosen from constant use. When the wood is weathered by the sun and rain, it begins to crack. The cracks lead the hat to sag and drag through you grass. The grass will be torn out and the resulting mud pit will become unmanageable. The solution to all of these problems is the metal frame gate.

    A metal gate consists of a frame and a special hinge. The hinge attaches to the metal pole and allows the metal frame to swing. Metal gates last and weather well through rain or shine. They are mounted to a heavy duty pole. Tough 40 poles are utilized for the most reliable gates. As long as the pole is not bent, this gate will never sag even after years of use and abuse. Metal gates are highly recommended in areas of heavy use. Ideal placement could be for the back gate when you carry out the trash. The aide gate where you take your mower through is also a good high-traffic choice. The wood pickets on the frame will fall off, but the gate will stay strong and reliable for years to come.

    When you stain your fence, you also normally stain your gate to have the same long lasting effect. Wood defender stain is used for all of our fences. It will protect against the elements and bugs that try to eat the wood. Not only will it improve the longevity of your wood, it will also help with the appearance of the wood. It will make your fence look more elegant. This in turn improves the overall look of your home. You will definitely catch the eye of your neighbors.

    Finally, you will need to decide if you want to install a roll gate or a large swing gate. Either of these two custom gates allow you to park a vehicle in your backyard. You will have the freedom to pull your car, truck, trailer or recreational vehicle into the safety of your fenced yard. Rolling gates mount on the rail side of your fence. They have their own set of metal rails which allow a smooth slide back and forth. You then have the option to padlock the gate for added security. A large swing gate does about the same thing. However it mounts on poles with the same kind of hinge as smaller walk-through gates. Both gates allow you to lay wood pickets or corrugated metal. Tough 40 poles are required when the gate is installed. These poles increase the life of the gate. They also ensure a strong, reliable frame that will last. One additional option with an all wood gate is the addition of decorative trim and latches. These small touches can make the gate that feel completely custom to you and your home. A custom gate is a happy gate!


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