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Landscaping Services in Amarillo

    The landscaping surrounding your home or business can make it your most powerful asset. Landscaping can increase your home’s curb appeal. A year round landscape maintenance program is highly important. It is far easier to cut the lawn, trim the trees or bushes, and pull the weeds before they become unmanageable. Amarillo Service Team provides year round maintenance packages that include all of your landscaping needs.

    Lawn maintenance requires vigilance. It’s much easier to treat a small problem rather than a large one. If your engine light comes on in your car, do you just ignore it? Of course not. You don’t want to have to replace your engine if you could simply add oil and solve the problem. Your yard requires the same attention. For example, if you notice a small yellow patch in your yard, you want to assess and solve that problem. That yellow spot could be grubs. If you don’t treat the problem, they could kill all of your grass. When your grass dies, you have to tear out the old yard. Then you have to decide if you are going to spend the money to lay sod or the time to plant new seeds.

    In addition to spotting signs of pests, lawn maintenance involves other types of care. Grass must be mowed to maintain its health and attractiveness. Flower beds must be weeded and bushes trimmed. The entire yard needs regular weed control applications. Dethatching and aerating should occur on a regular schedule. With routine maintenance, you are guaranteed to have a clean front to back landscape to show off.

    Grass and ground level landscaping are not the only pieces to consider when caring for your yard. Trees need regular maintenance. Trees should be trimmed every three to five years. After seven years, the job can become overwhelming. Waiting too long to trim trees can cause your home to be hidden behind overgrown branches. The trees can over-shade the lawn and kill your grass. Trees that are not trimmed can grow too near the house or roof and damage the structure. Over-large trees can drop their leaves and cause clutter or damage to the lawn.

    To eliminate the problems of overgrown trees, provide regular trimming so that your trees are ready for the next season. Regular trimming ensures trees are retrained for healthy, upward growth. Trees also need nutrients to promote new and healthy growth. These nutrients are applied around the outer perimeter of the tree at the drip line. To prevent icebreak limbs, trees should be trimmed year round, and before winter sets in.

    Keeping your lawn green is actually a science. Adding the right weed treatment and fertilizer at the right time will make your lawn the envy of the block. What type of fertilizer you add depends on the season and your lawn goals. You want to be sure to provide the key nutrients needed for your lawn to thrive. Greener lawns require you to load your lawn up with nitrogen and iron. Winterizing your lawn requires you to put down a nice layer of potassium. The potassium helps establish a strong root system for grass hibernation.

    Adding a pre-emergent helps with weeds from seeding to stop the germination process. This issue is an easy solve problem with the weeds. Recurring weeds can be the result of a weeds dropping their seeds in the same area as the old weeds. The pre- emergent solution to this is to spray a preemergent over your yard along with the weed killer. This will put a layer of chemical in the dirt to create a barrier that stops seeds from growing both from under and on top of the soil.

    Finally, adding landscapes with a combination of walkway pavers, flower beds, pergolas, and adding any detail that will bring your vision to life. Along with flowers they can be inviting and beautiful. They also have the potential to make your yard appear unkempt. Your yard can begin to look like a jungle. Bugs and spiders are attracted by the overgrowth. By trimming your hedges, you can ensure that the first impression of your home or business will be one to remember. Amarillo Service Team can make your home as beautiful as the flowers themselves.

- Tree Trimming
- Tree Removal
- Stump Grinding
- Sod Installation

- Seeding
- Fertilization  
- Weed Treatment
- Flower Beds

- Steel Edging
- Stone Edging 
- Lighting
- Dirt Work / Leveling
- Lawn Moving
- Leaf Removal
- Christmas Lights
- Bush Trimming


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