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Lawn Care Services in Amarillo

    At Amarillo Service Team, our roots are in mowing. In fact, it is not just another service. Mowing is the heart of our company. We love to see our customers with lawns that rise above the rest, the best of the best. To achieve this goal, we offer different lawn care programs. Each program is customized to the needs of each client. Lawn care is designed to provide complete satisfaction. Amarillo Service Team can do it all when it comes to your lawn care needs.

    To begin, an initial property clean up puts your outdoor maintenance in order as quickly as possible. Spring and fall of each year is a great time to perform an initial clean up. During this time, Amarillo Service Team will trim trees and bushes. Flower beds will be cleaned of debris like leaves or old mulch. Once the clean up has been completed, sprinkler systems can be checked. We will be sure each area of the lawn is receiving the proper amount of water.

    The next step will be thatching. Thatch is a layer of organic matter that accumulates in the grass. This layer makes watering and growing green grass difficult. Amarillo Service Team will work to remove dead, wasted grass and compost that has collected on the lawn. Then we will work with clients to determine if seeding or sod is the best option for growing new grass in tough, bare, dirt patches. Installing sod offers faster results than seeding if time is a factor.

    If the lawn requires no seeding or sod, Amarillo Service Team will move on to fertilizing and mowing. Fertilizing the lawn will help with greening the grass. This process will drive deep grass root systems into the soil and create a healthier, greener lawn. Six to eight fertilizer treatments are recommended each year. The fertilizing program is custom tailored to your lawn and needs. 

    Once the lawn is in order and green grass is growing high, it is time to mow. Amarillo Service Team offers commercial grade mowers for a perfectly sculpted lawn. Weekly mowing schedules offer the best results for your lawn. With weekly cuts, the grass is trained to dig a deep root system to find water. Mower tracks often appear in lawns within a month of weekly grass cutting. Amarillo Service Team works to prevent these lines by changing direction often. Side to side, up and down, and diagonal cut patterns are rotated when weekly mowing is in place. Bi-weekly mowing works for lawns that require less maintenance. These lawns often do not have sprinkler systems or shady spots. They are usually Bermuda grass lawns. There are areas of each lawn that require extra attention. Sometimes the mower cannot fit. When this happens, weed eating is necessary. We also edge lawns with a straight blade edger. This edger is designed to give your lawn a straight, clean look next to sidewalks. 

    Amarillo Service Team puts in the work to keep your lawn looking sharp. Once the cleaning and cutting are complete, we will blow off the walkways. We always shut the gate behind us. Let us make your lawn beautiful and keep it that way.  


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