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Tree Feeding Services in Amarillo

   In its natural environment, a tree gets all the nutrients it needs from the forest floor. The leaves, plants, and animals that decompose there supply the soil and trees with all the food they need. In urban environments, trees often suffer from malnutrition and disease. Amarillo Service Team can help you feed your trees.

When the trees surrounding your home are in need of fertilization, you may notice smaller than normal leaves. The leaves may also be off-color, more yellow than green. Often there will be more dead and dying branches throughout the tree limbs. The trees will also be more susceptible to disease and insect infestation. If you notice your trees struggling, it is time to call Amarillo Service Team.

When you call Amarillo Service Team, we will help you assess your trees to determine if they need fertilizing. It is important to carefully inspect your trees before fertilization. You want to be sure that the problems are caused by the lack of nutrients and not something else. Some disorders that look much like poor nutrition include poor planting techniques. Drought or over watering can also cause damage similar to nutrient deficiency. Finally, construction interference and utility leaks can be confused with lack of proper tree nutrition. The failure to fully inspect trees and identify the problem could cause more damage to your trees. Trees experiencing nutrient deficiency will recover after proper nutrient feeding occurs. Amarillo Service Team will diagnose the problem and treat it correctly so that your trees are healthy and beautiful.

Once it is determined that you need to feed, or fertilize, your trees, Amarillo Service Team will begin the feeding process. Macro-nutrients can be delivered directly to the tree roots. These macro-nutrients include nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. They are the most necessary and usually most deficient nutrients trees need to maintain health. Keep in mind, that feeding a tree is just the act of providing the nutrients it requires for optimal health. Remember, in forests, trees thrive due to the decay of plants and animals. The decaying materials replenish and maintain soil nutrients, keeping everything in perfect balance. When maintaining our yards, we remove leaves and debris which also removes the soil’s opportunity to replenish itself. Deep root feeding allows nutrients to be injected into the soil and the tree for its optimal health.

With direct injections, Amarillo Service Team can deliver nutrients to your trees with little damage. Some fertilization methods require trees to be drilled into for the nutrients to be delivered. An injection system used for tree feeding does not damage a tree by drilling into it. It is also more time efficient and effective while being the most tree-friendly option available. In addition to delivering tree nutrition, injections can be used to control disease and insects.

Trees are a beautiful part of your home and to our environment. Proper care is necessary to maintain the health of your trees. It is an investment that increases the value of your property. Keep your trees in perfect balance with the help of Amarillo Service Team. Their careful evaluation and prompt treatment can give your trees a new lease on life.


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