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Water Restoration Services in Amarillo

   We’ve all been there. Busted hot water heater, overflowing toilet, burst pipe. No matter what the cause, flooding in your home can be costly and time consuming. At times like this you need professionals to help you with a quick clean up. Call Amarillo Service Team for your water restoration needs.

Amarillo Service Team has the IICRC professional experience to provide quick clean up of your flooded home or commercial property. IICRC is an official Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. Our professionals have the right and equipment and training to dry and remove water from affected areas. Once the water is cleared, we can begin the restoration process. Amarillo Service Team water damage certified professionals can help with insurance claims and answer your questions. We can help you navigate the hassles associated with water damage. We carry a water damage program method that prevents more damage. It is important for us to arrive on the scene and begin clean-up as quickly as possible. For this reason, we recommend you call us as soon as possible to keep your expenses low and prevent further problems. Amarillo Service Team offers quick response times and efficient water restoration not found elsewhere.


Most people come home from work or a night out to find water everywhere. It seems water events can never happen during normal business hours. Whether a hot water heater issue or a toilet overflow, you have an emergency. Calling Amarillo Service Team immediately will ensure that the right equipment is on its way to you.


Once Amarillo Service Team arrives at your property, we will assess the damage. You will be presented with a plan of action. This plan will detail the water removal, restoration, and insurance claims process for effectively handling your situation.


When it comes to a water damage or restoration situation, quick action is the most important step. Calling Amarillo Service Team as soon as you notice water in your home could save you money and lessen the damage. Water spreads quickly, and a call to Amarillo Service Team as soon as possible will help us stop the spread and prevent further damage to the walls and furniture in your home or office.

We extract water from your home to our truck-mount units. The water goes into holding tanks allowing us to quickly move forward. Once the water is removed, wet carpet and pads are removed. This process will help clear your home of hundreds or thousands of gallons of water.


After Amarillo Service Team has removed the water from your space, it is time to begin the drying process. We use air movement and dehumidification for drying. Industry standard equipment will be introduced into the affected areas to help prevent the water damage wicking inside unseen areas. Professional technicians monitor the equipment. We keep moisture reading and information records throughout the process until the property is completely dry.


Once the water is gone and the area is dry, Amarillo Service Team will take any wet or exposed furniture and rugs back to the warehouse. They will sanitize these and any other items from the home. It is important to clean and sanitize anything exposed to the water leak to prevent bacteria from re-entering the home.


The final step in a water restoration is to put the damaged areas back together. Timing for this process can vary. It depends on multiple factors, such as room size and reconstruction needed. From fixing drywall to reinstalling carpet, Amarillo Service Team can help you put your home or office back together after a water event. Using the same restore company for the removal and restoration process can eliminate many hassles and result in a quicker fix time. The professional dedication of Amarillo Service Team aids clients through every step of the water damage process. Let us help you from start to finish and get your home back as quickly as possible.


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